Who enjoys doing taxes?

The answer is obvious. No one. It’s one of those things that, even though the result for lots of Americans is a juicy refund check, we really just hate having to do. Taxes require lots of forms. Forms from your employer, forms about health insurance, forms about investments, forms about everything under the sun, and if you have a more complicated financial situation? Forget about it. It’s a maze that no one without a certification can navigate. Or is it?
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seo procedure:

Search Engine Optimization is the vital process for the website owners to get more traffic to the website. You can follow the following steps to improve your website SEO.

Create useful, high quality, relevant content.

Improve the page load speed.

Perform the image optimization.

Use Header tags

Use Outbound links on a content.

Use different multimedia.

Get rid of broken links.

Increase readability.

Layout and formatting.

Create contact us page.

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architecture and navigation.

Mobile optimization

Social sharing.

These steps are really effective and can be easily optimized that helps to enhance the ranking and traffic factors.