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Lean construction is one of unique application based on lean production in the modern construction industry. Lean Construction is unique design production systems for minimizing raw materials waste and also generates maximum amount of value possible. The Lean Construction is production in terms and eliminating the waste maximizing productivity
The Lean planning software construction technologies is the excellent potential to increase productivity in over-production and uncertainty major challenge of construction work. Moreover, the major construction wastes need to the alternative method and manage the planning mode.
In the past years, the construction industry has been available with several software packages that deal with the business process. It includes an application for determining structural analysis and design, estimation, scheduling, cost control and financial management, etc. so the professional some time may face some problem in identifying their needs and to select the software that best suits their needs. But now with the help of Construction planning software which includes a set of planning tools and more, the professional and the team members can plan wisely for any projects and also can t
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rack the progress.