A car seat stroller is declared old after six to ten years depending on the manufacturer guidelines. Parents may think that it's a ploy when you advise them not to use old car seat stroller thinking that the manufacturers just want to sell more seats. This has genuine reasons for placing a six to ten years expiration date from the date of manufacture. Old car seats appear to be cheap but at last it might cause your infant life. Reusing expired car seats is not advisable by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic and safety administration)
I have identified various reasons for not reusing an old car seat stroller. They include;
1. For safety of your child. An old car seat may cause the precious life of your child. An old car seat might have spoiled parts hence they may not offer enough protection to your child during a crush. It's advisable to register your car seat stroller and share your current contact information to your car seat manufacturer. This will keep you up to date about the condition of your car seat stroller.
2. An old or second-hand car seat might not be accident free. Their could be unseen damages which can interfere with the proper functioning of the seat. A damaged car seat stroller is very dangerous to your child's life. Imagine loosing your cute baby because of using an old expired second hand car seat.
3. Plastic depreciates over time. Car seats main parts are made from plastic. Car seats get brittle as they get older. An old car seat stroller could break during a crush. Imagine old thing which you entrusted your child's protection has broken. What about your child?
4. Technology grows over time and new safety standards are discovered. Your old car seat might look like it's in a great condition but it lacks current safety standards. Old car seats may also declared void and recalled by NHTSA due to faulty design. To know latest updates click here.
5. As technology grows and new designs are invented, manufacturer get away with old model replacement parts. You may not get your old car seat replacement parts after the date of expire.
6. Your old car seat stroller could be missing important parts. A verified car seat for safety use should contain all the parts as designed by the manufacturer. A car seat with missing parts has no difference with a fault car seat. It may not offer enough safety to your baby. Putting your precious baby in a fault car seat stroller is like putting her life in danger.
7. An old car seat might have expired. Manufacturer tests models for a certain lifespan. Manufacturers do not test expired seats. You won't be able to tell for how old your car seat will perform in an accident.
Parents should consider buying new car seat stroller for their baby. The best travel system stroller car seat must be new with the latest design and safety standards. Always check for the expiration date when shopping for your new car seat stroller.


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